Slight miscalculation. I thought I had two days left at the guesthouse. Turns out I only had one.

But thank God for friends.

Being an introvert, I am not very social. I love spending time by myself reading and writing. Going out and talking at cocktail parties drain me so much I have to lie down and not talk for days. Loud sounds and flickering lights exhaust me, so I always buy low-wattage light bulbs and make sure the room I’m in has only lamps on. I make sure all ceiling lights are off, because they irritate me.

I have noticed that I thrive in extremely small groups of people that are also introverted. As a result, I have come to cultivate an extremely small group of like-minded friends, and they are all extremely special.

This particular friend, who lives in NYC, heard of my plight and told me:

“Pola, why don’t you stay at my parents’ apartment, which is unoccupied right now because they’re out of the country, until you find a place to live? Because living in a car with your dog and all your boxes full of books is not a good idea.”

And so she rescued me, and I will be forever eternally grateful.